Population Census Results come forth at Solomon Islands

According to the recent population census conducted in the Solomon Islands, it has been found that the population figures of the island have crossed half a million. The last population census had been conducted a decade back. And within the interceding span of ten years, the population of the island actually increased 100 thousand. At the same time the growth rate of the population has seemed to have declined.  According to Government statisticians, it is probable to take another six months in analyzing the complete survey. During the process of the census, ninety-two thousand households had been surveyed. It has also been that the annual growth rate has gone down from being 2.8 in the census conducted in the year 1999, to 2.3 now.


Demographically, the population is very young and the distribution of the population across the island has been almost the same as it was when the last census was carried out. Guadalcanal has now become the second most populous province, while the Western Province became the third most populous province. The median population has been found to be 19.7; which means that half of the population is above 19.7 of age, while half of the population is below 19.7 of age. The reason for having a demographically young population is that majority of the people is of reproductive age and thereby in the process of reproducing, the margin of the younger population keeps increasing and at the same time, it is a far off prospect to be seeing the population to be ageing. This similar to what is happening in metropolitan countries like New Zealand and Australia. There might be a change in government policy in fields like education, in case the government resolves to do anything with regards to the increased number of primary school age population.

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