Thailand helps Indonesia for Tsunami

The Government of Thailand today made a cash donation of US$100,000 to Indonesia for the tsunami victims. This tsunami has hit the Mentawai Islands and West Sumatra on 25th October. The Tahi Ambassador Thanatip Upatising handed these funds to the Indonesian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Triyono Wibowo on Wednesday. The Tsunami has struck the islands off the western coast of Dumatra on Wednesday. It was triggered by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. A research conducted by the Indonesian and Japanese tsunami experts found than the tsunami had moved at a speed of 800 km per hour under the sea. “Based on the results of research conducted by tsunami experts from LIPI, Tokyo University and Hokkaido University, the tsunami at Maonai, Sabeuguggung, Purorougat, North Pagai, had moved at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour at sea and at 30-40 kilometers per hour after land fall ,” an earthquake specialist of LIPI`s geotechnology division, , Eko Yulianto, said. The tsunami surged over a distance of 100-250 meters inland , depending on the height of the tidal wave, he said. “The height of the tidal wave that hit North Pagai was around six to seven meters,” he said. The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) stated the big earthquake followed by a tsunami in Mentawai Islands had affected a large number of villages and caused 408 deaths, 303 people to go missing and 270 others to sustain severe injuries. Initially it was estimated that around 33817 people are affected. But as many islands became inaccessible due to the tsunami this figure went up to 65000. Meanwhile, the government is trying to provide temporary shelters for the tsunami victims while waiting for the reconstruction of the Mentawai islands area. The construction of the temporary shelters was expected to be finished next December. The shelters will be constructed at a safe distance, so a next tsunami wont affect these shelters.

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